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developer, philologist & tightrope walker


Prior to pythoMazov's release, I wrote a pseudo-book called "Rising Up: Insights from a Junior to Future Seniors". Inevitably, the idea of a "cave" always crossed my mind whenever I thought of my creation, as it appeared to be a complex approach for certain profiles: this is, a main README.md file leading to many others, all of them carefully linked and connected like a delicate, mechanical clock movement.

That's why this full-stack application exists: to facilitate and grant access to the free educational resources that I gathered and crafted.

Similarly to many portfolios and "link-in-bio" tools these days (Linktree was my biggest reference and inspiration), I decided to organize all my programming materials following the structure of a landing page with associated links - mostly unrelated to any social media, in this specific scenario. Although there is the opportunity for you to contact or support me, I genuinely loved the concept of having a tool helping me share "everything I am" in a simple way, making my content more discoverable, easier to manage, and more likely to convert.

In order to achieve that result, I structured the links as follows:

  1. Index. The landing page, containing links divided into "Starter Kit" (the main learning materials offered on the website), "Useful resources" (a list of books, websites, and other utilities, like my personal setup), "Stay tuned" (reserved for my personal blog, where I write about technology, video games, and development), and a "Contact & Support" section.
  2. Courses. It can be accessed through the index ("Starter Kit"), and it offers both my own courses and certificated ones.
  3. Cheatsheets. A hub for my Python and Git cheat sheets. More content will be available soon.
  4. Challenges. Accessed through the index ("Learn by coding"), these links do not redirect to my own material; instead, I gathered some of the most practical websites making learning challenging, engaging, and motivating.

Sharing legally and freely for better learning is my one and only goal, as the lack of universal access to effective educational resources remains a global problem.

Let's make it count.

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Tools & Technologies The tech stack I was involved with.

  • Chakra UI
  • Docker
  • Python
  • Railway.app
  • Reflex
  • Supabase