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developer, philologist & tightrope walker

PlantYourLife - Summer Code Fest

This project was part of the Summer Code Fest (inspired by the "Summer Game Fest" - again!) and aimed to practice the basics of TypeScript, React Native, and Expo CLI.

In this case, and since one of the main subjects affecting my life while coding gravitated around the idea of moving out, I decided to create an application focused on the one and only reality we should all embrace and rely on as functional adults: plants.

  1. Just like roommates, they are the perfect allies whenever our scenarios change so drastically - and just like them, they require time, nutrients and the proper environment.
  2. They can be as small and portable as our dearly beloved mobile devices.
  3. Above all, they force us to stick to a well-organized lifestyle, and nothing workings better for it than reminders and notifications.

Considering this, and since I wanted to keep learning and practicing TypeScript independently of my external circumstances, creating a customized React Native application inspired by my new condition, my roommate's passion for plants, and our overall lack of time management felt like the only possible solution.

Why React Native, though? In all honesty, and due to the convoluted nature of our daily lives, it seemed appropriate to make Plan(t) Your Life fit in our pockets; this way, we won't forget to pay attention to what truly matters to us.

Showcase image no. 1 for PlantYourLife - Summer Code Fest
Showcase image no. 2 for PlantYourLife - Summer Code Fest
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